Who we are?


Suits, Shirts, Sports Coats, Overcoats, and Trench Coats are products that we specialize in. Having mastered the skills with Italian cuts, our pattern designers and cutters have over 30 years of experience in designing and cutting bespoke garments. Additionally, with the help of latest technology and stringent quality control incorporated in our production line, we ensure our products are finished to the highest of standards.


A bespoke suit will have to go through all the various processes in order to get the best silhouette, quality and finishing. These process and steps are heavily scrutinized in our day to day cycle of production to ensure the best quality of products produced, starting from fabric selection till shipment. The various details can be summarized as below:
•    1. Fabric Selection
•    2. Design Selection
•    3. Body Measurements
•    4. Fabric Cutting & Stitching
•    5. Finishing of products with customized options
•    6. Quality Control
•    7. Shipment
•    8. Client Follow up


Quality of the finished products is the most crucial factor in determining the survival of the company. VG Industrial abides international level of standards, we are equipped with a specialized production line and a strong team of professionals with years of experience to back them.


– Fabrics and raw materials are meticulously checked
– Patterns are designs are minutely scrutinized
– Stringent and extensive QC procedures are enforced for the finished product
– Products are then dispatched for delivery after all steps are passed.

R & D

We welcome you to our Research & Development Department, our skilled workforce with years of experience alongside our advanced equipment allow us the capability to develop & manufacture a wide range of new items according to your requirements.


Tediously working with the best manufacturers of fabrics and raw materials, VG has earned itself a strategic cooperation from these companies. This in itself saves VG from interruption in its development and progress. With a regular high-quality supply chain available through us at VG, we can strive and contribute the very best to clients all around the world. With many stages of interactions between us at VG and our suppliers, couriers and involved parties. We aim to provide an above satisfactory experience from start to finish.