Founded in the year 1910, Ermenigildo Zegna is now a world-renowned Italian fashion brand that specializes in men’s clothing; luxury fabrics in particular. With constant investments made into research and development of luxury fabrics, Ermenegildo Zegna’s has become the go to mill when it comes to high quality wool, mohair and cashmere fabrics. The brand now produces over 2.3 million meters of fabric per year. Ermenigildo Zegna’s fabrics have impressed the likes of Sean Penn, John Travolta, Bruce Willis and many more notable names as the fabric of choice for their luxury clothing.

Holland & Sherry

The name Holland & Sherry was coined back in the year 1836, when Stephen George Holland and Frederick Sherry began their wool merchant business on Old Bond Street in London. With the production of luxury fabrics as the core of the business, Holland & Sherry has established its name as one of the best luxury fabric manufacturers on the market, with an impressive lineup of wool, natural linen, silk, and cashmere fabrics.


In the year 1858, Jules Dormeuil and his brothers Alfred & Auguste had the idea of importing English fabrics into the French market. In the present day, the House of Dormeuil is obsessed with the constant search for the ultimate in rare and luxury; searching far and wide for the most precious fibers to construct exceptional fabrics. Dormeuil Fabrics are worn by Prince Charles himself, as well as being the fabric brand of choice for Saville Row tailors.


Since 1815, Guabello has been combining tailoring expertise, creativity, quality, technology, and respect for the environment under one roof at the Mongrando factory. Guabello’s collections are manufactured using the finest quality of raw materials and fibres, which include merino wool, to produce luxurious fabrics with tradition, style, and most importantly research. Guabello’s Royal Flannel Motion & Studio collection is a refection of the mentioned attributes.


Based in Biella Italy and founded in 1973, the Drago family has a mantra to produce quality Italian fabrics in a modern and innovative manner. With more than 1.7 million meters of exceptional Italian wool being produced from the mill, the name Drago has a strong presence not only Domestically in Italy, but Internationally as well. Drago fabrics are offered from Super 110’s all the way to Super 210’s. With an elegant range of patterns as well as colors, Drago fabrics are an excellent choice when it comes to business suits, wedding suits, tuxedos and dinner suits.

Vitale Barberis Canonico

Vitale Barberis Canonico’s history can be traced back to 1663, one of the oldest fabric producers in the industry. Currently VBC produces over 6 million meters of fabric per year and supplies to over 90 countries worldwide, making VBC a very well-established brand among worldwide luxury fabric suppliers. Vitale Barberis Canonico is certainly at the forefront of mixing Italian fabric know-how with traditional British style.

Lanificio Tessilstrona

Founded in 1966 by Francesco Mello Rella and Franco Grosso in Cossato Italy. They are one of the younger luxury fabric producers in the industry. A rich family tradition and engaging management ensures that finished products are guaranteed with efficiency and professionalism. Lanoficio Tessilstrona operates under the motto “Creativity and a constant search for style and passion in every new collection.”

Lanificio F.LLI Cerruti

Lanificio F.lli Cerruti S.p.A. can trace its foundation back to the year 1881, but can trace its roots all the way back to the 1700’s through members that have been textile devotees. To craft Cerruti fabrics, the expert clothiers use the pristine water from the Biella region to wash and treat wool imported from Australia and South Africa. Craftsmen then carefully treat them to develop flannel, tweeds, cashmere and butter muslin. Cerruti fabrics are the perfect choice for soft, pristine suits, trousers and blazers that will help any gentleman dress to impress. The high quality of Cerruti fabrics is world renowned, making it one of the best cloths in the world.


In the world of Fratelli Piacenza, Heritage is a fitting definition for these iconic, unquestionably successful fabrics. They include the Cashmere wools, Baby Camelhair and Cashmere and Silk blends used to make the Skin collection, ideal for creating fabrics for jackets, overcoats and accessories. Fratelli Piacenza fabrics construction and design reigns supreme, capable of catering for the clothing requirements of style and performance, also standing out for their extreme light weight and  answering the calls of modernity.

E Thomas

E. Thomas is an Italian fabric mill established in Brusimpiano in 1922 by Ernesto Thomas. The mill’s fabrics include a range of blends combining wool with silk, Chinese and Mongolian cashmere, mohair and linen. The mill is located on the Italian shore of Lake Lugano. The company is focused on ‘two objectives – high quality and constant creative effort rigorously Made in Italy. They are aiming to offer both classics and modern weaving, combining style and tradition.