About Sam S – Sam’s infatuation for fashion started at a very young age, he completed his Fashion Designing and took training in France and the UK. He had possessed the financial acumen and together with his bandwagon brilliance, he made a prominent name in the Suit designing business. 

His success to provide high quality clothes went to another level when he started designing fashion clothes not just for the celebrities and the elites of B-town but when some of them urged him not to limit his Fashion competence for the exclusive but to everyone who is infatuated with dressing smart and sophisticated. Today for over 3 decades now, Sam’s company designs and  solicits Fashion consultation all across the globe in over 30 countries worldwide.

Factory – Sam developed from mainstream designing and edificed into suits, shirts, jackets, uniforms, jeans, specific ladies apparels etc. His gratification from his clients worldwide led him to expand his craft which demanded him to institute an establishment to meet up with the crux, therefore starting a Factory which could manufacture everything that a thread can make. He is very proud to lead a team where there are more than 550 employees who work diligently to support the cause of the success of the brand. 

Charity – Giving is good, smart giving is great ! Sam is an avid believer that serving humanity is by sharing his prosperity. He starts at home by making sure all his employees and team members  are well treated and have at least the most fundamental needs covered. He works closely with a few NGOs and then he works with a few old age homes where he believes an elderly person needs love and companionship more than anything. He is also very proud to work with the local community and sponsors the children’s cricket and soccer teams.

Face Masks –Transforming to making hand-made Face Masks or many may term it as Face-Shield was added to Sam’s line of business because of excess demand and the challenge to design them like not many have. Sam has always deemed to amalgamate the cutting edge of modern technology with his experience, the work ethic to cardinal this product and age old manual craftsmanship so that he could produce the highest quality.

The company’s customer base worldwide has grown immensely because of the impeccable quality, swift turn around and huge word of mouth recommendations by satisfied customers. Even though Sam does not travel or deal directly with the clients, his legacy is stigmatized and here to stay.

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